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Francisco Rodrigo, owner and founder of ETXEONDO, originally started his career working in a sublimation workshop on top brands created by high end fashion designers, now known worldwide such as Dior or Balenciaga. Later on, his passion for sports led him to combine his experience in this industry with the development of high-quality, exclusive sport clothes. In 1976, he decided to concentrate on a clothing range for cyclists, given his profound love for the sport. The first workshop was set up in a friend’s building in the village of Etxeondo, within the municipality of Irura, near San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa. The brand was named in honour of this village.

From the very start, exquisite care is given to every detail; an obsession for creating the best product by using only the best materials, craftsmanship and suppliers. Meticulous quality control measures have been implemented in each of the manufacturing processes, and all clothing is produced locally.
Initially, the designs and patterns are created in the Irura plant.  These are then used in the Castejon (Navarra) plant to produce the garments.

The skilled staff are extremely proud of what the company represents, and this pride is shown in the high standard and quality of their work.

It is therefore easy to understand how ETXEONDO is a current leader in clothing for cyclists, and known worldwide as a synonym of high quality. Etxeondo is available in over 30 countries and is continuing to grow at a constant rate.


At ETXEONDO we are proud to continue being the sponsor of some of the best professional cycling teams in the history of the sport. Teams such as ZOR, SEAT-ORBEA, REYNOLDS, KAS, CLAS, BANESTO, ONCE, EUSKAL TEL-EUSKADI and many more have chosen Etxeondo quality for equipping their cyclists. In addition, we have personally worked with some of the best cyclists in the world, including top stars such as DELGADO, KELLY, INDURAIN, ROMINGER, OLANO, JALABERT, ZULLE, BELOKI, ULLRICH, VINOKOUROV and CONTADOR, helping them achieve the highest place on the podium in the most prestigious races.
Our legacy is strongly rooted in high-performance cycling and the next generation of cyclists is our future.


Since our beginnings in 1976, Etxeondo has made clothing for cyclists who demand the highest quality, an excellent fit and an exclusive style.
At our factory in Irura, a municipality near San Sebastián (Basque region in the north of Spain famous for its love and passion for cycling) we prepare the patterns with the greatest of care and craftsmanship. The product is sewn in Castejón, in the municipality of Navarra, another region with a significant cycling tradition and the home of the great Miguel Indurain. From start to finish, everything is made in Spain, under strict quality control measures.
Our passion for cycling is represented in our work. Each piece of Etxeondo clothing is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The craftsmanship dedicated to each pair of shorts, jacket or jersey is unprecedented in the world of cycling.
As technology advances, it is essential to use the best materials and methods available, but it is imperative to keep the experience of the top level professionals to create the perfect product. In addition, any final adjustments, and all final touches are made by hand in order to create the ideal garment.
It is as if we were talking about a top gourmet chef; one must mix the best ingredients, experiment with them and taste until achieving an exquisite recipe. That’s what we do at Etxeondo. Professionalism and many years of experience and enthusiasm are the necessary ingredients to develop the best menu to offer our customers. 


Since 1976, we have focused on making the best product for the most demanding cyclists. Our continuous commitment to developing new fibres and fabrics, and our efforts to achieve the best possible fit, is key to ensuring the highest level of comfort for cyclists as well as our products’ unparalleled durability.
We want our products to fit you well as we believe you cannot perform correctly if you don’t feel comfortable.
We combine an elegant design with the best fabrics to obtain high performance clothing.




We are obsessed with everything down to the last detail. It’s not enough for the clothes to fit well; they have to fit perfectly. Complete comfort, perfect fit and high performance in addition to their attractive style and exclusive design are the ingredients of Etxeondo clothing. Nothing must be left to chance.
It is important to scale the size of each piece of fabric according to the size of the garment. Each piece performs its function as part of the garment and therefore must be exactly proportional according to its size.
Like in Tetris, models are arranged in such a way that the greatest amount of fabric possible is used. The percentage of fabric used therefore ranges from 60% to 80%, taking advantage of it as much as possible.
Our printed patterns, embroidery, zippers, thread and seams, and absolutely everything, are studied meticulously in order to produce a garment that combines attractive design with high performance.
Although it may seem unimportant, elasticity or tautness can change according to the direction of the cut. It is therefore important to make this information clear in the computerized model.
Even bright and reflective colours are treated with great care to give the garment an element of safety without sacrificing its style.


We love cycling and we do it with a passion. During our bike rides we take the opportunity to meticulously test our prototypes. We are extremely exacting and critical with our work until we have created the perfect product. This is the only way for our products to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists. Our goal is to achieve maximum performance and comfort to meet the needs of both a light Sunday morning ride as well as the toughest competition.


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