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At Etxeondo we design only the highest quality clothing for the most demanding cyclists, whether for the race track or the mountains, or indoor cycling or triathlons. Our continued commitment to develop new fibres and fabrics is the key to ensuring maximum comfort for the cyclist and our product’s unparalleled durability. 

  • Etxeondo CARBON


    Its special conductive fibres absorb and dissipate the electrical charge produced during physical activity. These special fibres help to evaporate sweat in order to keep skin dry. They protect against bacteria and contaminating dust, thus reducing the risk of allergies. Given the compressive nature of this fabric, it reduces lactic acid build-up and improves blood circulation during activity.



    A high-performance fabric that is guaranteed waterproof. Designed for greater durability, GORETEX products have lasting resistance to wind and water in addition to being highly breathable. Their membrane is extremely fine and light. At Etxeondo we have designed our seams with a thermal treatment specifically for comfort and a more lightweight feel. Clothes remain totally waterproof even after prolonged use.

  • Etxeondo MICROSYSTEM

    Etxeondo Microsystem

    A fabric made of innovative fibers that are resistant, protect and are very light. They are designed to dry quickly and that are exceptionally comfortable during any athletic activity. Depending on the thickness of the threads it is woven out of, Etxeondo Microsystem achieves three different materials depending on their lightness.



    Windstopper products keep you warm, comfortable and protected under a wide variety of weather conditions. Windstopper combines absolute wind protection with exceptional breathability for comfort with fewer layers of clothes and less volume on the bicycle. Windstopper garments block the wind and reduce sensibility to extreme temperatures.

  • Etxeondo KETAREN


    Ketaren is a fabric that provides warmth and comfort without adding too much weight. It allows for greater freedom of movement due to this fabric’s elastic properties. Its larger surface area allows for faster evaporation, taking moisture from the skin to the fabric’s surface.



    Thermocool is a mixture of external fibers with grooved surfaces and a hollow core in it. Its external structure allows maximum evaporation while the internal hollow improves airflow, optimizing the process of thermoregulation. It is considered a multifunctional yarn for fabrics, as it has the ability to heat when it is cool and to cool when it is hot. It dries very quickly and requires no special care in washing.

  • Etxeondo PROTECT

    Etxeondo Protect

    Very light fabric with an excellent waterproofness. The mixture of Polyester and Teflon ensures great protection and resistance against water with a very light weight allowing manufacturing very comfortable garments that are easy to fold.


    Lycra Supplex

    A high performance brand fibre, soft like cotton but very long-lasting and resistant to abrasion and tears. Lycra has great elasticity and returns to its original shape in order to allow for tighter fit, more comfort and better performance. The Supplex material is very breathable, which keeps you fresh and dry and dries quickly for greater comfort. It keeps its shape wash after wash. .

  • Etxeondo COMFORT


    Exclusive fabric that provides great comfort and a feeling of warmth.
    It keeps the body dry transporting moisture to the outside. It is also very durable as it maintains its qualities even after many wears and washes.



    Dryarn, a high performance microfiber, is able to give optimum support in terms of physical comfort in environmental context, even in the presence of frequent and unexpected climate changes. Its properties of lightness, breathability and heat regulation make it an ideal fiber, particularly in its most critical role: in contact with the skin as a first layer of clothing.

  • Etxeondo SMOOTH

    Etxeondo Smooth

    Exclusive fabric that combines Polyamide with Polypropylene that makes the garments soft and fresh. The antibacterial qualities of polypropylene eliminate the smells caused by sweating. This fabric has a small percentage of Elastan for greater comfort and adaptation.

  • Wool

    Lana virgen

    100% natural fiber, soft and insulating that protects against the cold. He has good qualities of moisture absorption and is very durable and long lasting. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

  • Etxeondo TERMIKA

    Etxeondo Termika

    Termika fabrics provide warmth and comfort. They are a light form of insulation that allows you to keep warm when it is cold outside and it has excellent properties that remove moisture from the skin. Termika fabrics create an insulating layer of warm air between the fabric and the skin. Sweat is absorbed from the skin by the fabric thanks to its breathability.

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